Free Xbox Live Codes Generator :- No Survey/No Download(New)

Online gaming is woven into the fabric of society. We love our virtual escapes to slay dragons, fight war loads, and become the ultimate King of the castle.

Similarly, online gaming is expensive. But as is our tradition, we are all about easy actionable ways to get free gaming codes.

If this is your first time on our site, we specialize in educating you on how to acquire free gaming codes be they Free Xbox Live Codes, Free eShop Codes, Free Google Play Cards, PSN Codes, or Fortnite Codes.

Today, we will focus on ways to get Free Xbox Live Codes legitimately.

But first things first.

Are There Free Xbox Live Codes?

The answer is obviously, Yes! Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

There are plenty of ways to get free xbox live codes. However, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t relay this Warning.

The internet is filled with sites claiming to offer Free Xbox Live Codes using a generator. Proceed with caution when using these generators because majority of them are absolute SCAMS.

You may end up permanently blocked from Xbox, download a virus, or worse still, lose your personal information to phishers or third-party advertisers.

Always find a trusted source, like us, to guide you on how to LEGITIMATELY Earn free xbox live codes.

That said, we can now proceed to our list of ways to earn Free Xbox Live Codes.

How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes

Method 1: Our Free Xbox Live Codes Generator

We would like to introduce you to our TOTALLY LEGIT Free Xbox Live Codes Generator.

Just like every hardcore gamer, we love our Xbox. But who has the money to keep buying Xbox Live Codes?

Our Generator is a product of months of painstaking coding and ingenuity.

We did not spare any cost in employing gamers and coders to come up with the best Xbox Live Codes Generator in the market.

To use this generator is unbelievably simple. All you have to do is click on the button below.

You will be asked a couple of questions including the number of codes you would like to generate. Do not feel shy, ask for as many Codes as you like.

Why Trust Us?

You are smart to ask yourself why you should trust us. Afterall, it’s the internet and you can never be too careful!

We are confident in our Generator and here is why:

  • Our Free Xbox Live Codes Generator is a product of professional coding.
  • You can literally get Unlimited Xbox Live Codes. This means there is no limit to the number of times you can use the Generator.
  • Our Generator has a revolutionary Anti-Ban Feature that protects your Xbox account from both Xbox and random search engines. This way, you will never be banned from Xbox for using our free Xbox Live Codes.
  • The user interface is the simplest and customer friendly. So, it doesn’t matter even if you have never used it before.
  • Our Generator is absolutely free of bugs and viruses
  • There are no Geo-restrictions meaning you can use our Generator from any part of the world.

Rule of Thumb: Occasionally, you may get a code that doesn’t work. Do not panic.

This Generator is used all day long all over the world so you may end up with the same code as someone else. Just generate a new code.

If the code takes a little long to appear, remember it’s a busy tool. Just be patient. After a few minutes you will have your code.

Method 2: Register a New Xbox Account

Each Xbox console allows 3 separate accounts. If you create a new account with a new email address under your console, you will get Free Xbox Live Codes for a month!

This is quite a neat trick which is completely legal and acceptable. However, once you use up your Free Xbox Live Codes for the 3rd account, you are out of luck.

Rule of Thumb: To register a new account, you need to register a credit card as well. Ensure you cancel the subscription before the month is over.

Failure to which you will be charged for the subscription forthwith.

Method 3: Activate your Gold Membership Trial

Xbox Gold Membership has a 1-month free trial period. Take advantage of this and activate your Gold Membership even if you have no intention of paying the subscription.

The Gold Membership will award you Free Xbox Live Codes for a month!

Again, you will need credit card information. Be careful to unsubscribe before the trial period is over to avoid being charged for the Gold Membership.

Method 4: Register on MyPoints

MyPoints is a renowned Reward Site that awards you points for completing simple tasks.

For each task you complete, you will receive points that you can accumulate and later redeem for Xbox Live Codes.

You may be asked to watch videos, complete surveys, play beta games, or download Apps for rewards. The tasks are pretty simple so if you are dedicated, you will earn enough points for 2-5-day Xbox Live Codes in no time.

Alternatively, make use of our Free Xbox Live Codes Generator for Unlimited Xbox Live Codes!

Method 5: Using Microsoft Reward Points

It is no secret that Microsoft loves to see you play Xbox.

Formerly referred to as Bing Rewards, Microsoft Reward Point system awards you Xbox Live Codes for doing simple tasks.

Tasks include conducting searches using their search engine, clicking on new stories, and buying things from the MS Store.

You will receive 5 Points for each search, 1 Point for each dollar spent, and a bunch of Bonus Points for other fun tasks available every day.

Method 6: Join Swagbucks

Swagbucks, like MyPoints, is a Reward Site. As usual, you will be awarded points for completing simple everyday tasks.

Swagbucks’ tasks include watching videos, discovering deals, playing games, and downloading Apps.

Additionally, you can earn points for making purchases from the stores listed on the Swagbucks website.

Work diligently to rake up enough points for a decent Xbox Live Code. Swagbucks offers $10 for each 1,000 Points earned.

Rule of Thumb: Activate your Swag Ups section of your account to be liable for Bonuses. If you make a purchase of $25 or more from any of the listed stores, you are liable for a bonus of 1,000 Points equivalent to $10.

Method 7: Dumpster Dive at GameStop

This is a rather quirky way to earn free Xbox Live Codes but it comes highly recommended.

The reason we use the words “Dumpster Dive” is because there are lots of ways to earn Free Xbox Live Codes on GameStop but you have to find out for yourself.

For instance, right now, GameStop is offering $5 Rewards for simply going to the GameStop Facebook Page and doing a simple task.

Moreover, you can take part in contests like the”XBLGoldMineAtGS to earn rewards. There are $5 Rewards for following the clues set out for you.

Rule of Thumb: GameStop stocks thousands of Pre-Owned Xbox Games. You can trade your old Xbox Games for pre-owned Xbox games. We love this option because it’s a great use of your old games without having to spend loads of cash.

Method 8: Register in InstaGC

InstaGC is a portmanteau for Instant Gift Cards and a great Reward Site.

Like every other reward site, InstaGC offers points for completing tasks. The tasks include watching videos, signing up on various websites, and completing surveys.

You will receive 10 Bonus Points just for signing up. InstaGC is completely free to join.

You know what else is free? Our Free Xbox Live Codes Generator. Use it Now to get Unlimited Xbox Live Codes!

Method 9: Join PointPrizes

PointPrizes is a popular Reward Site synonymous with Free Gaming Codes. For a few tasks, you can earn enough points to redeem that Free Xbox Live Gold Membership you so desire.

You can earn Free Xbox Live Codes for completing surveys, discovering deals, watching videos, and downloading Apps.

Also, there are Daily Bonus Points for signing-in every day.

Method 10: Reddit Free Xbox Live Codes

Reddit is a famous Forum Site that hosts thousands of discussions every day. As you can imagine, there are forums and dozens of discussions on gaming and Xbox Live Codes.

Once in a while, there will be gamers offering Free Xbox Live Codes and Free Trials to anyone who’s lucky. Others offer Free Xbox Codes for subscribing to their YouTube Channel or other similar tasks.

It wouldn’t hurt to check now and again for such offers. You never know, it may be your lucky day!

Or, just try our Free Xbox Live Codes Generator for Unlimited Xbox Live Codes!

Rule of Thumb: Since Reddit Xbox Live Codes favour First-Come-First-Served, you may need to follow a few useful threads so you can be the first to know when offers go live.

Here are the best threads to follow for free Xbox Live Codes.

Method 11: Festive Season Giveaways

This is probably not the most reliable method to earn Free Xbox Live Codes, but, you know, beggars can’t be choosers.

Occasionally, various websites offer Free Xbox Live Codes for registering on their website or for signing up for their Newsletter.

Again, this will not happen every day, but if you keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground, you will not miss opportunities such as this one.

Final Thoughts

Xbox is by far the most popular gaming console in the market. And obviously, gaming we must!

So, on top of using our Free Xbox Live Codes Generator, try these other methods to get as many Xbox Live Codes as you need.

We are always up for comments and opinions. Please feel free to leave yours and we shall respond.